1. V1000 - Class 2
Size adjustable, five point tear-away design, multiple pockets, and a message provision on back.

2. Mesh - Class 2
 No pockets, choice of hook & loop or zipper closure.

3. Mesh and Solid - Class 2
 A variety of styles and options.

4. Triple Trim - Class 2
Multiple pockets, zipper closures, and two material choices in our popular triple trim contrasting stripe design. New reflective bias trimmed vests included.

5. Mesh and Solid - Class 3
Short sleeve style with multiple pockets, zipper closures, and additional reflective stripes on sleeves. New reflective bias trimmed vests included.

6. Public Safety - Class 2
Short in front design allows easy access to equipment belts, five point tear-away, radio pockets, and I.D. provisions front and back.

7. Surveyor - Class 2
Multiple large pockets, map pocket in back, snap closure, and combination mesh/solid material.

8. General Purpose
One size fits all mesh vests with various stripe choices.

9. FR (Fire Resistant) Class 2 and 3
Flame resistant mod-acrylic material in both mesh and solid, multiple styles. American made!



10. Bomber Jackets - Class 3
Feature-packed high visibility jackets available with permanent or removable fleece liner.

11. Parkas - Class 3
High visibility full length parka with hood and lots of added features.

12. Windbreakers - Class 3
High visibility full length windbreaker with hood and lots of added features

13. Fleece Jackets - Class 3
High visibility polar fleece with zipper front.


14. Sweatshirts - Class 3
Hooded sweatshirts in pullover and zipper styles.

15. T-Shirts
General Purpose, Class 2, and Class 3 shirts with breast pocket.

16. Pants and Shin Reflectors
High visibility ants in mesh and solid polyester and mesh shin reflectors.

17. Hi-Vis Knit Caps
Winter caps made of knitted material with a 360 degree reflective stripe.

18. Polo Shirts - Class 2
Two tone Class 2 polyester breathable knit polo shirts.